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Trailer Production

The KEL-BERG® Trailer Production has gone from strength to strength since the first KEL-BERG® trailer was built in 1986.

KEL-BERG® today produces over 1000 trailers every year, with a well established production base.

All KEL-BERG® trailers are built as per our original KEL-BERG® design, created by our dedicated team of engineers.

Our wide range of trailers today, ranging from drawbars to semi-trailers, from tippers to curtainsiders, from boxvans to open trailers, 1, 2, 3 or 4 axle, with the latest technology urban steering systems have all been made possible thanks to the unique relationship we have with our customers, designing trailers to meet both the individual customer’s and the market’s needs.

If it’s curtainsiders that you’re after, then KEL-BERG® is the answer, with its tested superstructure system operational since1995, no other trailer can be safer and more better looking, even after several years of hard work.

Tippers are KEL-BERG®’s speciality, with our 3rd generation trailers ready for asphalt, grain, rock/stone and aggregate use. A specialised product with total weights as little as 5280kgs including the ram and walkway, the KEL-BERG® trailer will save you money and well as increasing your productivity.

For the construction industry, KEL-BERG® offers a very wide range of products. From concrete mixers to crane trailers (centre mount and sliding crane) to machinery carriers, always in stock, KEL-BERG® is ready for your next construction job, now.

KEL-BERG® has been building double and triple deck semi-trailers now in their factory in Denmark for 10 years, with hydraulic moving floors, which can be fully loaded up to 7T per deck. A well trusted and established product, these trailers can carry 52 pallets per trailer, maximising their efficiency for the customer.

All of this combines to make the KEL-BERG® trailer a product that you can trust and put to work straight away, either for the dry freight or the construction industry, combining the maximum efficiency with the maximum productivity.

Our aim is to use our 20 years of experience, giving our customers easy access to sophisticated transport solutions.
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